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Un Momento de Fantasía

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The doll museum was born as an initiative to collect funds for a foundation that supported the health of children in the department of Bolivar, Colombia. The museum has a location in a more residential neighborhood of a city recognized as a tourist destination, so the target audience of this place got us a great challenge.

Web Development:

We created a website that would highlight the social work of the museum. For the client it was necessary to highlight part of the history of the museum, finding the doll collection as a work done throughout the life of its founders. We also presented a small sample of what visitors will find, as well as how to contact the museum and an integrated map showing the location of the museum. We integrate different languages for international visitors.

Digital Strategy

We carried out different campaigns with the account in which we sought to position the brand and increase the number of visits. Those who entered the museum were asked to take a photograph to add a photo-reminiscence frame that was republished on the visitors' social networks. 

Photography & Video

Edited photographic material of the museum for different pieces of social networks and events. Video material was compiled to make some publications in reel format and to feed the Youtube channel.


Different tones were tried to reach the audience as formats such as trivia, did you know that..., and to highlight the importance of childhood, how to support the museum's cause and the museum as a magical intergenerational space where families meet their inner children.