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Pets, those faithful companions present in many families as emotional support, providing unconditional love. Our client wanted to honor these life companions and present different possibilities to affiliate them to the Previsión Exequial service. We developed different elements for a complete strategy:

Web Development:

A responsive web site was designed, including elements from the previous site such as the Petbook, a virtual space that pays homage to the animals that are no longer with us. The page presents different means of communication for requesting funeral services or for affiliating pets. It is also possible to pay the bill and purchase Previsión Exequial membership cards.


We designed a concept of pet-angels that allows us to recognize them as other members of the family, and helps us to remember them from what they meant in our lives and that through the imaginary of angels, they will always be in our memories and hearts. We use the colors of the brand: orange and blue and the designs are very clean and with emotional messages.

Digital Strategy

Digitally we are present in different channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. We develop pieces and videos that awaken the sensitivity of the target audience and insist on the message about the decision of love that is to affiliate them to Previsión Exequial. Special days such as the World Dog Day are celebrated and the affiliation is invited. Advertisements are made in the different channels for the target audience whose characterization has been made with the experience of this account.