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Flowers are a very particular product that has a symbolic identity in terms of occasions and reasons to send them. Flowershop wants to expand its catalog to different occasions, increasing its sales and differentiating itself from competitors.

Digital Strategy

  • We conducted a segmentation study with which we were able to define our audience and its trends. 
  • We renewed the logo based on the client's indications and inspired by the learnings of the account.
  • We carry out different effective campaigns through Google and maintain a one-on-one relationship with clients to be aware of their needs.


We focused the social networks to have the feelings and not the flowers as protagonists. We made sure to establish a symbolic code that related to the attributes of the flowers. 

Web Development:

  • We restructured the website to include different payment channels.
  • The page was updated to make it easier to navigate and to present relevant information for customers.