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Capillas de la Fe

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Capillas de la Fe is one of the most important funeral homes in the country, so it needed a digital presence and a development that would allow current and potential customers to be aware of news and the work that frames the company.

Web Development:

The website was created in accordance with the brand identity and is maintained at the scale of customer needs and expectations. We impacted through web channels on the awareness of funeral work in the social and health field of the country.

Digital Strategy

Different digital and cobranding campaigns are carried out to reach the target audience, while, after A/B campaigns it was possible to identify the most effective way to communicate and expand the work of the funeral home. Consolidated and permanent digital presence of the brand, as well as the successful incursion of the brand in online sales.


The brand was configured to connect with the emotional and social needs of the audience in all its digital channels.

Photography & Video

Our client believes in giving back to society in different ways, such as supporting education and its employees. Therefore, it presents programs such as Fe en Formar to present the results in an attractive way. We presented a story that involved their corporate values and their relationship with their collaborators. The video consisted of attractive and dynamic visual elements, and was accompanied by a metaphor with reference to physics.